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Shaving soap
  • Shaving soap

Shaving soap

Reference: 5210146000542
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The handmade olive oil soap with sandalwood, is prepared in the traditional way and more specifically

with the method of cold saponification. In the hot saponification method, the products are immediately

available for use, because they undergo heat treatment, but the oils and butters lose their beneficial


On the contrary, in cold saponification we protect the properties of our raw materials and in order to

eliminate caustic soda, an essential ingredient for saponification, our soaps must remain for at least 2-3

months on the curing counters to be ready for use.

The traditional shaving soap contains first quality essential oils, vegetable oils, butters and various other

ingredients and herbs from the Greek market. The result, of course, is a handmade soap of exceptional

quality, which is suitable for the face, ideal for deep cleansing and hydration.

Shaving soap ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, palm oil, chamomile extract, sandalwood

essential oil, water & baking soda.


Suitable for sensitive skin.

Barcode 5210146000542