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Preshave & Aftershave oil
  • Preshave & Aftershave oil
  • Preshave & Aftershave oil

Preshave & Aftershave oil

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He came to give the solution in the hands of men. Unique product for before and after shaving Preshave

& Aftershave oil.

Before shaving, it softens the beard, minimizes irritation and, thanks to its composition, is easily absorbed

by the beard.

The pre-shave oil is suitable for all skin types, for soft or hard beards. It is ideal for those who have a hard

beard or sensitive skin!

After shaving, it soothes, tones and keeps the skin soft, while thanks to the active ingredient Dragon’s

Blood, it has a strong healing and regenerative effect on wounds, scars and scars, while increasing the

elasticity of the skin.

It is easily absorbed by the skin.

Ingredients: Almond oil, vit. E, active ingredient Dragon’s Blood, avocado & macadamia oils, castor oil,

room. sandalwood oil and macadamia & cocoa aroma and preservative widely used in organic cosmetics


Application: Shake well before use, apply 8-10 drops on fresh skin a few minutes before shaving to

reduce irritation and after shaving to moisturize and regenerate the skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

Barcode 5210146001020