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Brush cleaning soap
  • Brush cleaning soap
  • Brush cleaning soap

Brush cleaning soap

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The soap is rich in powerful moisturizing agents and nutrients.

Very good cleansing & moisturizing properties.

Due to the special composition of the soap from 100% glycerin with a mixture of raw shea butter and

coconut oil, it has a long shelf life and unique effectiveness!

Ideal for:

-Cleaning and nourishing the brush hair

-All types of hair

Ingredients: Glycerin soap mass, with raw shea butter and coconut oil.


Why it is important to clean the brushes:

-Hygiene reasons (accumulation of germs, bacteria, oiliness and source of infections)

Long life of the brush

-Soft hair

How often do we clean our brushes?

It is recommended to clean the brushes after each use or 2 times a week for the ideal result.

How do we clean our brushes?

Wet the brush head in lukewarm water and press the brush in a circular motion into the soap bowl.

Rinse the brush first sideways and then downwards.

Place the brush in a downward direction to dry so that no moisture enters the head. If you do not have a

base, then leave them on the edge of a table or sink with the scalp protruding in the air. If you want to

speed up drying, shake the brush after rinsing to remove too much moisture.

-Do not pull the bristles of the brush and if you squeeze it do it with gentle movements.

-With a clean towel we make the narrowing of the brush handle.

- I do not use any heating medium that carries a risk of damaging the hair.

- I do not use hot water on the scalp of the brush.

Barcode 5210146006698