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Beard and face soap
  • Beard and face soap
  • Beard and face soap

Beard and face soap

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Activated carbon is a fine, odorless, tasteless, black powder. It generally comes from plain carbon, which has been heated in a controlled environment and in a vacuum and thus acquires a porous surface. But our soap mass comes from coconut. Due to the porous surface it has a high absorption capacity, absorbs toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and pollutants and cleans the contact surface in depth. It has extra cleansing properties, with intense foaming and is produced with skin-friendly materials while it also contains natural surfactants.

-Its pH ranges from 9-10.5.

-Deep cleansing, detoxification

-Long duration

-Absorbs toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, pollutants and lipids

-Perfume free

Ingredients: Glycerin soap mass, with coconut activated carbon.


Barcode 5210146006681