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Massage candle
  • Massage candle

Massage candle

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Melt in the pleasure with the massage candle…

Light the aromatic massage wax, based on the olive (not paraffin), and wait 2 minutes until it melts and transforms into a massage oil. The space will be filled with the wonderful aroma of hot chocolate or the cool aroma of grapes or peach-mango.

Extinguish the candle and use the hot oil on the palm offering a relaxing massage.

The feeling of warmth as the hot wax spreads on our skin, in combination with the texture of the oil and the enchanting aroma, creates a sweet atmosphere.

The melted wax is absorbed directly by our skin, giving hydration and relaxation.

Ingredients: Olive based massage candle, in 3 impressive options:

chocolate aroma & color mica hot chocolate.

Grapes & Blueberry fragrance and Mica Dreamy Aquamarine color.

peach-mango aroma and Sangrla color.

What makes it different:

100% natural, based on olive and not paraffin, like most of the trade.

In 2 minutes after lighting, the candle is transformed into massage oil.

Relaxing feeling of warmth.

Immediate absorption by the skin, giving hydration and relaxation.

Suitable for all skin types.


Barcode blueberries: 5210146000214