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Cream for muscle aches with camphor
  • Cream for muscle aches with camphor

Cream for muscle aches with camphor

Reference: 5210146000382
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Creams with excellent cosmetic effect, soft and creamy texture. Thanks to the beeswax (natural

coagulant) and the small amount of flower water, the addition of any chemical preservative is not


Ideal for:

-treating muscle and rheumatic pains

-mild heating action

-immediate action and result

-everyday use

-heating athletes

-muscle pain, neck pain, waist & shoulder, sprains, fractures

-soothing-relaxing massage

-Relief after sports or gymnastics.

Ingredients cream for muscle aches with camphor: Beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, mint

flower water, camphor essential oil, sage, cinnamon & mint.


-For external use only.

Avoid use in children.

-Do not be used on open wounds.

Barcode 5210146000382